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04/01/ · Want to take your music on the go? Read our guide to the best MP3 players; The best free music players at a glance. MusicBee; AIMP; MediaMonkey; foobar; VLC 01/08/ · Top Portable Music Players 1. Sony NW-A55/L Walkman. Sony is known for its prowess in bringing music to life, and its hi-res player is no exception. 2. Astell&Kern 25/08/ · At this point, there are really only two major players in the high-end portable music space: Astell & Kern and Sony (where the Walkman brand still lives on). I've used earlier 29/07/ · The Best MP3 Players 1 Our Top Pick Walkman NW-A MP3 Player Sony Read More $ AT AMAZON 2 Best Budget A19X Portable Music Player AGPTEK Read More $44 3 minutes ago · On the plus side, you can include video in your music playback. VLC for Android is a full audio player with support for a ton of video and audio file types, including MKV, MP4, ... read more

We wanted to make things a little bit simpler so we created this top 10 list of the best hi-res players we could find. Everything we have listed here has been tested by us and if there is not already a full review up there will be one live on the site soon. Update: Lots of people have been asking, so I will tell you, that this is the DAP I am currently using on a Day to day basis Updated March , I am not saying it is the perfect model for everyone but it is for me right now. It sounds incredible. I have a lot of other units that I also use for testing but that is the one that has seen the most playtime over the past few months. Of course, it goes without saying that what is right for me might not fit your needs. The truth is I could happily listen to any of these players listed below all day, every day. As I mentioned above the Ibasso DX is my high res music player of choice as I think it strikes a nice balance of features and price.

Oh and not to mention it sounds ridiculously good. Whatever IEM or Headphone I throw at it the DX never seems to lack power and that is very important to me as someone who reviews a wide variety of hi-res headphones. I also love the big screen and smoothness of the Android operating system. I feel like I have never had it crash or lag on me even when sifting through a micro-sd card filled with GB of music. It works and works well. Finally, the connectivity is on point with high-resolution wireless formats at hand as well as wired ports for balanced connectors and standard 3. The interface is simple in that everything you need for switching settings on the sly is available through dedicated hardware buttons. Build quality is exceptional and despite the high price, I would recommend the PAW gold to anyone who wants to do critical listening on the go.

The Kann is my favorite and one that I have personally owned because it is extremely feature-rich. The Kann is offering users dual Sabre DAC's, balanced headphone out ports, and great file support with native DSD, APTX, and MQA. I put the Futura SE below the Kann on this list for one reason. It's really bloody expensive. That's not to say it's overpriced but for many users, it can certainly be considered overkill when we are talking about driving headphones and IEM's to their full potential. The magic going on here is that you are kind of treated to two high-resolution music players in one device. The SE is a multi DAC DAP. That means there are two DACs on the inside that can be switched to work independently. You can either choose between dual Sabre DACs or an AKM chip and each of those has its own independent amp section.

It sounds incredible, easily one of the best in the world right now and it looks gorgeous as well. If you were thinking the above DAPs are expensive then stop right there. This music player is the most expensive on the list by a long way. Is it worth it? Well, I guess at a point all thought goes out the window when you are looking for completely uncompromised performance. Having spent over a month testing one I can say for a fact it is the best sounding portable music player I have ever used and it puts many of my desktop units to shame. That sound is driven by a pair of dual AKM AKEQ chips and the whole unit runs off an eight-core CPU making it fast and responsive. I want to be clear, I don't think this is something anyone needs but there is no denying how good it is and if you can afford this without having to stretch for it then get it. It's one hell of an experience when paired up with a really good set of headphones like the Focal Utopia or Sony MDR-1ZR.

The Fiio M6 gives us a look at the first mid-priced music player on our list. Despite being much cheaper than the above models it represents fantastic value to budget audiophiles looking to compliment a good set of hi-res earphones or headphones. In terms of specs, it's a little dated with a single ESS DAC unit and only Bluetooth 4. However, it supports High-resolution music streaming through Deezer and Tidal and can be hooked up to your computer to work as an external DAC. The sound is clean and crisp with very little coloration I would say it sounds neutral. Power-wise it does well and in my tests only extreme planar headphones suffered from power draw. Some other plus points of the M6 are the large almost bezelless screen, USB-C charging, and 14 hours of battery life during the review. Links: Official Fiio M6 Webpage. Another budget music player on this list this time from Hidizs.

This is the ultra-light, ultra-portable DAP you have been looking for. It has a bug 2. The Operating system is rock solid even when we had a 1TB micro sd card installed with GB of music. Bluetooth is another draw and it includes support for the LDAC standard but ultimately we just like the sound on this little player. It works great at driving headphones up to ohms and does equally well with all but the most sensitive of IEM's. The only thing it lacked was a balanced output. The Surfans F20 has gained a bit of a cult following. Poweramp is as powerful as its name suggests. Along with playing many local music file types, it lets you import HTTP streams from sites like Digitally Imported.

It offers Android Auto, Chromecast, and Google Assistant support to bridge the hole left by Play Music's departure. Bass heads can adjust the bass and treble from a user-friendly equalizer interface, and there's Direct Volume Control DVC for extended dynamic range and deeper bass. If you want to listen to music loudly from your phone, select the Speaker Loud setting in the equalizer to increase the gain and get loud results. It's easy to find the menu item you're looking for, whether you're fielding playlists, streams, or all songs.

If you're putting on a party even if it's a party of one , you can choose from several animated visualizations that appear over the interface or take over your screen as an ambient display. Poweramp is a robust app, with more features buried in the Settings. On Windows, foobar is a mainstay. It's a freeware music player that holds up to the great, like Winamp. foobar made the move to Android in While the Android version might not be celebrated as much as the PC app, it's an excellent interpretation, especially if you enjoy minimal designs. Gapless playback is supported out of the box, along with various file types, such as MP3, MP4, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, and Musepack.

The app also supports UPnP media servers if you'd rather stream than store local files. Team Jet's jetAudio HD has been around for a while, dating back to It's a robust app that offers tons of codec support along with a solid band equalizer. You can also edit your tags within the app to clean up the info in your library. Bass boost is built-in, 32 equalizer presets are included to get you going, and you can use visualizations to spice up your phone or tablet when jamming to the tunes. Plus, the UI is intuitive, which is more than can be said for many music apps. All around, jetAudio HD is a great option if you require a feature-packed music player. Traditionalists love VLC for Android for its reliable simplicity and tons of utility.

Those looking for something design-forward won't find much here. It's a bare-bones, no guff kind-of music-playing experience. On the plus side, you can include video in your music playback. VLC for Android is a full audio player with support for a ton of video and audio file types, including MKV, MP4, FLAC, and OGG. Media junkies can access internet streams, DVD ISOs, and disk shares. There's also support for multi-track audio and subtitles. One minor caveat is that the app's gesture control is sensitive. If you're keen on playlists and all that matters in your music life is the order in which you listen to songs, try out AIMP.

This app's primary focus is quick access to the lists you rely on to get you through the day. And though playlists exist on every other music player app featured here, the playlists you make in AIMP are embedded into the hamburger menu for super quick access. Dig into the settings, and you'll find options for theming, gesture control, and the criteria displayed in the file name during playback. And if what you love to do is listen to those playlists while driving, AIMP has Android Auto support. There's a reason K. stands for "keep it simple, stupid. And in the case of Simple Music Player, keeping it simple means focusing on local music playback. Simple Music Player gives you all the features you need from a beefier music player, including playlists, an equalizer with a handful of presets, color customization, and a playback widget. This is useful if you want to hook up to a portable speaker, set your playlist and then move away from it while allowing it to play songs.

It also has an edgy quality that favors metal and really makes every sound shine. If you are a fan of AM or FM radio, this is a great option. With the ability to support internet radio, you can listen to your favorite AM or FM radio channels on this device. However, this music player comes with no internal storage. It only has microSD card capability. Make sure you pick one up when you purchase the player. Whether you are looking for an mp3 player or something else, they are all standouts in their class. Whichever player you decide to go with, sit back, relax, unplug from your smartphone and let your digital music collection carry you away.

Looking for the best portable music player? You are in the right place. Table of Contents Top Portable Music Players 1. Apple iPod touch 4. FiiO M6 6. HiBy R3 Pro Saber Summary. Check Price On Amazon Check Price on Ebay. Pros Great sound Amazing DAC flex Long battery life. Cons Indexing can be slow Touchy touchscreen. Pros Excellent sound Affordable Great design. Cons Processor power Offline support. Apple iPod touch. Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Best Buy. Pros Apple quality and security Retina display A10 fusion chip fast. Cons Not many updgrades. Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Crutchfield. Pros Great user interface Choose AKM or ESS DAC Easy to hold. Cons Minimal equalizer. FiiO M6. Check Price On Amazon Check Price on Fiio.

Don't want to use your phone as a music player? There are still some alternatives. John P. Falcone is an executive editor at CNET, where he coordinates a group of more than 20 editors and writers based in New York and San Francisco as they cover the latest and greatest products in consumer technology. He's been a CNET editor since Who needs a standalone MP3 player in ? In my opinion, the answer is "almost no one. And the tracks are downloadable, too, so you can listen to your music even when you leave a Wi-Fi or cellular coverage area. It's quick, easy and convenient. What's not to like? Maybe you've got one too many subscriptions already , so why pay for one more when you already have a music library of thousands of MP3 files sitting on your hard drive? Some of you, meanwhile, have meticulously crafted iTunes playlists, like mix tapes of old, that you don't want to recreate or transfer to another service , or rare, one-off live tracks that don't exist on mainstream services.

Phish fans, I'm looking at you. Now, truth be told, if any of that applies to you, you still don't need an MP3 player -- your iPhone can still sync music files from iTunes on Windows or the Apple Music app on Mac , and it probably has more storage space than your old iPod ever did. Android phones, too, can play whatever music files you can load them up with. But if you really want a dedicated device for your music -- or, maybe, a parentally curated set of songs to give to a kid who's not ready for a phone -- there are still MP3 device options out there. They're not all great, and they generally come with some caveats. But if you've gotten this far, here's what I can recommend, more than two decades after the iPod was first released. The iPod Touch was the last dedicated music player in Apple's lineup, but it was officially discontinued in May You can still find used models out there, but don't expect them to be supported for much longer.

What to do instead? Get a used iPhone, or a new iPhone SE -- and just use it on Wi-Fi. It works seamlessly with Bluetooth headphones and speakers, but you'll need a pesky Lightning adapter to use old-school headphones. And, because it's got the App Store, you can also opt for alternate services like Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and the like so long as you can access a Wi-Fi hotspot , in addition to or instead of the Apple Music app. Yes, this is way too much to pay for a "music player," in my book. But it's the most capable and flexible option here, especially for those who are already in the Apple services universe -- or refuse to leave their iTunes-based MP3 library. Once upon a time, people strapped iPod Nanos to their wrists and called it an Apple Watch of sorts. Nowadays the real Apple Watch can act as a sorta-kinda iPod, at least for Apple Music subscribers. Just sync some playlists to the Watch, and you can enjoy digital music not to mention podcasts on a set of wireless headphones, even if the iPhone is nowhere nearby.

The Mighty Vibe is the closest modern equivalent to the iPod Shuffle, the screenless iPod that was beloved by runners for weighing next to nothing and just spooling off songs from their favorite playlist. It's also a great gadget loophole for sleepaway camps with "no screen" rules. The catch is that this model only works with Spotify Premium and thanks to a recent firmware update Amazon Music, both of which can be synced wirelessly. The Vibe can store upwards of 1, songs in its music library, and -- unlike the old Shuffle -- it supports wireless and wired headphones.

But it charges through the headphone jack via a proprietary cable, rather than more ubiquitous micro-USB or USB-C connectors. Read our Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player review. Yes, the products above are really the only ones I can recommend in this category with any degree of enthusiasm. But they aren't the only options. In the distant past, the tiny SanDisk Clip family of players were a serviceable option for basic music playback so long as you're well versed in the old school drag-and-drop method of file transfer. But some Amazon reviewers have criticized the later iteration of that model -- the Clip Sport Plus -- saying that its Bluetooth connection wasn't up to snuff. If you want to go this route, you might want to stick with wired headphones. This 4GB "player in a headphone" model uses Aftershockz's patented bone-conduction technology. Note that CNET hasn't tested these hands-on.

If you've got an old phone -- or you buy a new one without service -- you'll have access to the full realm of app-based music services, and any music files you care to upload. Audiophiles have long looked down on digital music because the sound quality was notably inferior for golden-eared listeners with distinguishing tastes. But the development of lossless file formats such as FLAC and cheap ample multigigabyte storage have made portable high-fidelity music a reality. I've used earlier versions of each brand, but not the current models. If you're the sort of person who has hard drives full of uncompressed music audio files -- and can hear the difference between that and comparatively low-resolution MP3 and AAC files -- then, by all means, pair up one of those players with your wired headphone of choice.

That said, nearly all of the streaming music services now offer lossless or high bitrate options -- that's nearly all the big players, from Tidal and Qobuz to Amazon and Apple. Spotify HiFi , weirdly, remains a no-show. If you like what you hear, consider upgrading to a decent headphone DAC that's "digital to analog converter" like the Audiofly Dragonfly and a serious wired headphone. Then you'll have a solid audiophile option that's good for the road, without the need for a standalone music player. If you've got a digital music collection that includes one-offs and live tracks that aren't available on the mainstream services, you can upload them to online services, where they can live alongside subscription tracks and be shared among multiple devices including smart speakers.

YouTube Music, formerly known as Google Play Music, offers this service at no additional cost for up to , tracks. Apple users can opt for iTunes Match , which lets you upload your own digital music to live in tandem with Apple Music tracks. If you opt for either of these options, make sure you keep a local backup of your files, just in case these services go away. Note that Amazon shuttered its "MP3 locker" service in iPhone 14 Deals Apple Watch 8 Review iPhone 14 Pro's Cameras Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cases Should You Upgrade to iPhone 14? Tweak W-4 for Bigger Refund Best Laptops Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix. Your guide to a better future. Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? No, thank you Accept. Why You Can Trust CNET. Tech Mobile. John Falcone. John Falcone Executive Editor.

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25/08/ · At this point, there are really only two major players in the high-end portable music space: Astell & Kern and Sony (where the Walkman brand still lives on). I've used earlier 29/07/ · The Best MP3 Players 1 Our Top Pick Walkman NW-A MP3 Player Sony Read More $ AT AMAZON 2 Best Budget A19X Portable Music Player AGPTEK Read More $44 26/08/ · Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Steve Harris is, in many ways, Mr. Iron Maiden. He has been the band’s only constant member since their inception in and one of only two to 3 minutes ago · On the plus side, you can include video in your music playback. VLC for Android is a full audio player with support for a ton of video and audio file types, including MKV, MP4, 04/01/ · Want to take your music on the go? Read our guide to the best MP3 players; The best free music players at a glance. MusicBee; AIMP; MediaMonkey; foobar; VLC 01/08/ · Top Portable Music Players 1. Sony NW-A55/L Walkman. Sony is known for its prowess in bringing music to life, and its hi-res player is no exception. 2. Astell&Kern ... read more

The special FT capacitors made for the player give tonnes of power. These list are so subjective and personal to the music of the listener. that fucking list!!! McCartney is the best. Paul was actually a better guitarist than John, but John had a brand new Rickenbacker and he was the leader at that point, so Paul went to bass duty. Read our full MediaMonkey review. The Awakening.

It is one of the best music player for Windows 10 which enables best music player ever to create and manage a list of songs. VLC Media Player. He is the most sought after Bassist today. Duke, Napoleon MB, Ruth U. Most Entertaining. Mel changed the way bass players held the bottom and also added great phrasing. Keith McElyea September 8, at pm.