Proudly announcing the relaunch of Fireseed Forums!

After too many long months of serious downtime, Fireseed Forums is back, better than ever before! It’s more streamlined, faster, more secure and much harder on spam bots and rule breakers. Below is a list of all the changes the Fireseed Forums site has undergone. Sure, the site is not perfect, and I’m certain there are things that could be added, modified or removed, but it’s a lot better than what it once was.

More streamlined, less cluttered

Gone are the days when categories would contain 7, 8 or even more unnecessary forums geared towards very specific topics. One forum for every version of Windows? No! Who wants or needs that! Now, There are only 3 to 5 forums per category. Much like a multi-cover car insurance policy, these forums cover a much wider range of topics. There’s a forum for all 9x versions of Windows, and another one for all NT versions. Isn’t that much better?

More secure, harder on spam bots

Now, new users are required to answer 1 of 6 questions upon their registration to prove they’re indeed of the human species. Now those crummy spam bots that go around posting diet tips, links to ad-infested “business” sites and the like will have no chance!
Also, the site now uses elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) to ensure that any personal data entered by users of the site, such as usernames, email addresses, passwords and profile data, is kept as safe, secure and private as can be! ECC is much, much stronger than any prime number-based RSA algorithm. In English, if a hacker tried to snoop on anything being sent from you to the site, it’d just be a meaningless bunch of letters, numbers and other weird characters.

Accessibility notice about the Stop Bots questions

The human verification question that new users are required to answer when registering on the site has been designed so that it is 100% accessible to those who use screen reading software, such as NVDA or JAWS.

The site got a speed boost!

I’m not sure if it’s the updated forum software, the power of Cloudflare’s super high speed content delivery network (CDN) or the fact that my web host is no longer InfinityFree, but one or more of these things has resulted in the site loading and functioning much faster than before. For me, it now takes just a few seconds to load compared to over a minute on the old site! And that’s with my crappy broadband connection!

More rules, tighter boundaries

I’m not even sure if the old Fireseed Forums site had any rules or not. If it did, they were crappy! Now, however, there are 12 strict, firm, clear, concise and to-the-point rules that users must abide by if they wish to be good members of the site. There’s no screwing around with me now. Put one foot out of line, and you’ll suffer the consequences!

Final notes

Thanks to the very few people, and I mean very few people, who signed up to become beta testers of the site and provide your feedback. The only major problem I had was that users couldn’t post in forums due to the Stop Bots system firing an access denied error, but that was just a file permissions issue and has now been fixed.

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